LED Commercial Lighting installations Carrying out LED retrofits since 2007

we are helping businesses to significantly reduce the cost of running and maintaining their lighting.

LED4LIGHT offer LED lighting solutions for the workplace, whatever that may be. A well planned LED retrofit offers the opportunity to substantially reduce your lighting bills and carbon usage by up to 80% and is now the preferred choice for replacement lighting. It is also the most environmentally-friendly lighting source available.

LED lighting uses only a fraction (typically 66%) of the electricity used by conventional lighting sources such as fluorescent, metal halide & sodium. In addition, LED lighting contains none of the toxic materials used in conventional lighting sources. Mercury for instance is used in all fluorescent lighting and is a neurotoxin. Quality LED lighting is safe and friendly to the environment.

Find out how you could make savings
of 65-80% on your current costs
LED lighting will create a better learning environment
LED lighting will significantly reduce your energy cost
LED lighting enhances your products and sales environment

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Good lighting helps to create a better learning


A better working environment means less stress and more productivity"