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Welcome to LED4Light. Since 2007 we have been helping companies focus on employee well-being through non-toxic, energy-efficient lighting that promotes a more comfortable working environment. We offer businesses a free on-site quote service to ensure that we understand your particular workplace and what can be done to improve the workspace and save an appreciable amount on your maintenance and running costs.

Research shows that a healthy working environment will promote better productivity. Too many workplaces have poor lighting. Good lighting with a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) will help workers stay more alert, focused and productive.Good lighting can also enhance mood in the workplace. A good analogy is the difference to how you feel when walking out into bright sunshine after spending a long period in a dingy environment.

We have our own team of NICEIC approved installers ( who understand LED and can safely and efficiently install the lighting. We also source our products directly from our partner factories with whom we have built long and reliable relationships built on mutual trust. In this way, we can guarantee our prices are highly competitive.